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Top-quality House Extensions in Maidenhead

House Extensions
Extend your current home in the way you'd like and enjoy better freedom and flexibility. To learn how we can get it done, call Arches Building Services on 01628 624 016

Enhance your existing space

If you need an extra room, you should consider a home extension. This option is economical and allows you to seek the maximum potential from your existing space. You may need a larger laundry room, sunroom, or a new playroom for your kids and we have got you covered. From knowledgeable advice through to completion, we will do everything as per your requirement. 
You can also approach us for  home renovation projects.
House Extensions
House Extensions

Our approach

  • Plan
Right from “why do you want the extension?” to “how do you want it to be?”, we’ll consider all the options. In addition, we make sure that all our plans are safe by complying with building regulations. 
  • Design
Our team will make sure that the new design plan goes together with your existing property design. From groundwork to roofing, we can utilise similar materials to ensure a sense of continuity. 
  • Build
All the required inspections will be carried out and we make sure that the construction work meets the standards set by the relevant regulations. We can even provide you with a detailed breakdown of the costs involved to give you a better picture of the overall expenses.

For affordable house extension services, call Arches Building Services on
01628 624 016  and leave a message

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